Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As I listen to these song fragments after I post them, I realize that what I'm doing is the audio equivalent of a sketch pad. Listening to them causes me to notice all the myriad of things that i will do better the next time. "Why didn't I take that lead melody where it so obviously was leading? I need to listen better." "That distorted part overlying the cleaner chords really works - but it needs to be much more precise - it's too ragged." "I need to put in more bridge or chorus sections - it gets monotonous really quick." These are some of the thoughts that come to me. I could go back and rework these fragments - I have all the individual layers saved. But I don't think I'm going to. These awkward, incomplete, poorly played sketches show me where I am now. And hopefully, most of the time, the new ones will get better as I go along, absorbing what I learn from repeated listening. So, here's the diary of my growth (hopefully!) as a guitarist, musician, songwriter.

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