Saturday, November 05, 2005

peter pan slept here.

peter pan slept here.
Originally uploaded by lightpainter.
Another one of my favorites.... no comments, no faves, almost no hits on flickr. To be fair, it doesn't look like much from the thumbnail.

I think that an image like this underlines my artistic split personality. I can make images that are extremely popular with the masses (see below); and I do like most of them, for the most part. Then there's this side - the photographs that really hit me in the gut - and I'm basically a fan base of one.


11,233 views and 340 faves on flickr - as of today - on this one.


a bear of very little brain said...

I have the same small confusion with my photographs, although I don't have anywhere near the talent or following that you do. But some of my very favorite works of art, photography or otherwise, just don't seem to strike a chord with anyone else. I've always assumed that it has to do with the personal experience I had while working on them, that somehow didn't translate well to others.

Ingrid said...

i agree w/ bear. i often "see" something that doesn't translate.

ACHUKA said...

same goes for me - some of my own favorite fotos wait ages for a comment - achuka

Ryan said...

I'm a youth pastor and there have been a few times I've considered taking you off my contact list because of the images that make you so popular, but then you go and post an image like "Cry for help" and I'm reminded why I don't. Just because some don't get it doesn't mean you should stop giving the good stuff to those who appriciate more than just women in their underware.

Eric said...

Chasing popularity makes you lose your personal focus. I'm always delighted when people like something of mine, but the photos are just that: mine.

I'm shooting to work through my own stuff. If someone else likes it, that is great.