Thursday, October 27, 2005


So, here it is. I've been avoiding this - making a blog with words instead of photos - for a long time now. I'm a fairly private person - and I didn't think that I wanted to create a collection of blatherings for the world to see. But I had lunch with my friend, Fred, today and he convinced me. OK, time for a link, let's see if I can make it work here:
Fred's blog

OK, that worked. Time for bed. Next chapter: my photos on stamps and what I'm doing with InDesign.



Fred Seibert said...

David, Welcome to blogland. You're gonna be a star. xxoo

David Ramage said...

thanks for the kick in the a**.

Elisabeth said...

What *are* you doing with InDesign?

David Ramage said...

Teaching myself how to design photo books. I've been asked to make a book of my nude photography but I thought I'd make a couple of other ones first to learn the ropes. With the advent of "publishing on demand" it's not financially onerous to publish a few books if you want to do the work. Why?

David Ramage said...

Elisabeth, your two books look terrific, btw. I need your html book pronto!