Sunday, October 30, 2005

floating island

floating island
Originally uploaded by lightpainter.
the north fork from shelter island - the sort of moody image that I am often attracted to.

I rarely get much response for an image like this on either flickr or fotolog. It seems that the ones I respond to best, the ones that I have an emotional attachment to, do not move the general public. I have to remember to be true to myself and not get seduced by the feedback for other, less emotionally honest images. It's very easy to want to please the crowd - keep those comments and favs coming - and lose sight of how I really want/need to express myself.

Someone on flickr commented that the image isn't sharp and therefore less than it could be. I don't understand this fixation on sharpness. To me, this image is a dream - and thus, not completely clear by its very nature.


Anonymous said...

I am such a fan of your work. When I discovered your art on I was immediately drawn to your "more than just pictures". Each photograph tells a story no matter what subject stands in front of the lens. People will always attempt to enhance what nature already does best, and that is why I can appreciate your photographs, due to the simple fact that you let nature speak for itself without digital enhancement. You inspire an amateur photographer as myself! =)

David Ramage said...

thank you very much! I wish I knew who you were so I could visit your flickr space.