Saturday, October 29, 2005

doesn't work on safari completely

Since I'm somewhat of an idiot when it comes to html and to all of this blogging stuff, I couldn't figure out how to do links. I assumed there would be a link button for technical dummies like me but I couldn't find it. What I discovered is that there is a link button but it doesn't show up in safari for some reason. So I switched to the newest mac browser from netscape and lo and behold there it is.


Brad Reynolds said... is a good site to learn HTML. There's a section specifically for links. I'm not sure which link button you're talking about but I use Safari on OS X and haven't had any issues.

David Ramage said...

Thanks for the tip. In the version of Safari I'm using - I think it's the newest because I just upgraded to Tiger - when you open the create or edit post screen there is a box to fill in with your content and above that are some icons (shortcuts) that help you do things without the html code. The problem with the Safari I'm using is that there are only two icons - one to check spelling and one to insert an image. When I go to the same screen in Netscape there are several others, including one that allows you to create a link. you highlight the word or words that are the link and this button writes the code.

Brad Reynolds said...

Ok, I see. Yeah, blogger doesn't allow for rich editing in Safari. The ability has been added to Safari but the blogger guys are pretty sharp so maybe there are reasons keeping them from integrating it. Since Firefox works fine you may be happy with what you have but you have a couple other options as well. There are a couple of apps, MarsEdit and ecto, that are not browser based that will allow you to post to your blog. I would like to use MarsEdit but last time I checked it didn't allow for you to specify a title for a post to blogger. So I'm using ecto which works.

Anyway I've been watching your photo stream for a while on flickr. Love the photos and good luck with the blog.